Arterbery-picture-1Detroit Nation is committed to driving the nation to a lifestyle of health beauty and wellness. Dr. V Elayne Arterbery is a oncologist trained at Memorial Sloan Kettering where she completed her residency in radiation oncology. A Los Angeles native who obtained her undergraduate degree at Stanford, she has made Detroit her home completing her medical degree and her masters in healthcare administration at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

Dr. Arterbery believes that real health is a lifestyle commitment to wellness and from that develops inner beauty and ultimate health. Its her personal commitment to health that has inspired her to encourage others to pursue lifestyle changes. Detroit has been the center of a automotive revolution that changed the world for the better. Amidst the worst economic downturn in the country Detroit has emerged as the beacon for reinventing the landscape and emerging as a better and improved community. Part of that improvement is a commitment to improving the lives of Detroit’s and the nation. Whatever happens in Detroit can affect the whole nation!   Detroit Nation encourages listeners to improve their lives through knowledge, information and inspiration from others who are on the journey to ultimate beauty health and wellness.

Her personal motto is – Achieve your personal best- Then BEAT IT!!!